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      We are in the business of facilitating a liaison relationship between property owners and wireless carriers to promote seamless wireless communications via cellular access portals. After the landowner signs a Marketing & Management Contract, a copy of which will be supplied upon request, we actively market the site to the various carriers. Once an interested carrier is brought to you for consideration of your site we will then facilitate the negotiations of the contract directly between yourself and the carrier for the use of your site.

      Depending on the geographic area, it is not atypical for an interested carrier to be willing to pay a site owner in the vicinity of $1,500.00 to $2,500.00 per month for the term of the contract, which is usually 5 years with several 5-year options. Also, there are typically yearly incremental increases of 3% per annum, unless otherwise pegged to the Consumer Price Index. As you can see, depending upon the site�s attractiveness to the carriers, you could conceivably have multiple carriers for any particular location. Although it is not always a typical scenario, if your site is a viable FM Antenna location, it could potentially generate significant additional revenue.

      It is important to know the zoning of your specific location so that we can determine what permitted uses are available. Depending upon the particular scenario and the attractiveness of the location it is sometimes worthwhile to spend the funds necessary to obtain a variance from the existing zoning in order to obtain the highest and best use for your property. In certain instances FCC and/or FAA approval is also a requirement.

      Assuming that you have an attractive site with appropriate zoning or the possibility of obtaining the appropriate zoning together with an interested carrier, then structural consideration of the cells must be decided. In some cases if there is an existing structure (e.g. an existing building, water tower, silo, stack, etc.) it may not be necessary to expend funds to construct additional structures to maintain the cell arrays. The height of the particular structure or, if necessary, cell tower is governed by the elevation of the property and �line of site� to another existing facility.

      The cost of a cell tower varies depending upon how unobtrusive you want it to be (e.g. faux tree, monopole, flagpole, etc.). We estimate that a tower could be erected and ready for the carrier in approximately 40 days, excluding the cell carrier�s infrastructure requirements. The tower can be owned by any of the following:

  • Property/Site owner
  • Vista Line, LLC
  • Cell Carrier

      We will be happy to help facilitate the financing of a tower if you chose to own the tower yourself. Although, this is something that is better addressed more in depth on an individual basis. The state of the art is such that these cells and/or cell towers can be made very unobtrusive to fit in with their surroundings. Additional requirements will include:

  • 30ft x 30ft footprint adjacent to cell site for carrier shed/equipment
  • Electrical Access, metered separately and paid by carriers
  • 24x7x365 carrier access to cell facilities

      We have attended many seminars given by the carriers in the industry and it is readily apparent that the need for these cell sites is growing. The trend is for all voice and data to go wireless.

      At present, you do not have any revenue stream from your site and therefore have nothing to lose by pursuing this opportunity. Obviously, there is no guarantee that a carrier will be interested today or ever. However, if you sign with Vista Line we will proactively market your site to the carriers so that during the term of Vista Line�s relationship with yourself, the carriers will be aware of the availability of your site as a portal opportunity.

      It would be shortsighted to avoid pursuing a cell site or tower on your location due to microwave exposure or for esthetic reasons. It constitutes less of a health concern having a cell portal in the vicinity, than using a cellular device on your person. Lastly, if you do not seize the opportunity now, chances are that your neighbors will, thereby keeping you in proximity to the very thing you�re avoiding minus the reliable income stream.

      Obviously, this is an overview only and we will be happy to provide you with more specifics to help you further understand and realize your site�s potential.